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Location: 170 Mt. Read Blvd, Rochester NY

* Motion to open the meeting.

* The floor was open to any members who wanted to address the board. Discussion focused on communication between the board and the membership and the endorsement process for Sheriff. Several members notified the board that they haven’t been receiving meeting minutes from previous board meetings. Auburger stated that he is sending out the minutes and will look in to the issue. In addition, members commented on the endorsement process for this year’s election.

* Treasurer report – John Watson updated the board on last month’s hacking of our account. Watson reported that the issue has been resolved with our bank and the money reimbursed.

* Discuss format of the next Membership meeting for October 12, 2017:
– 1. Time and location will be The Penfield Fire house on Thursday October 12th at 11am.
– 2. Discuss process for the Sheriff endorsement: The following format was approved.

Both candidates will be invited to address the membership at our October 12th membership meeting at the Penfield Fire House. The meeting will start at 11am with Baxter speaking at 11:30 and Sheriff O’Flynn at 12:05. Time remaining, members may ask the candidate questions. One question per member will be allowed. When the Sheriff is done, the membership will have an open discussion as to the direction we should take. Any member who wishes to speak will be asked to keep their comments to three minutes so that all members have an equal opportunity to address the membership. When this is done, the Board will then meet in executive session and return with a recommendation to the membership. At this time, the membership will vote to approve or deny the recommendation of the board. If the membership approves the board’s recommendation, the voting will be complete. If the membership does NOT approve, the floor will be open to a new motion (to nominate another candidate). The membership will then vote on that motion. If the membership approves of that motion, the voting will be completed. If BOTH motions fail to get the memberships approval, the union will NOT endorse any candidate for Sheriff. All voting will be done by hand (per our by-laws) and no proxy voting will be allowed.

* Auberger and Jules Smith (Union attorney) will be traveling to Albany to Speak with Kathleen McCormack (Asst. Comptroller of Labor Affairs) and Jason Cooper (Director, Advisory Council Affairs) on September 28, 2017 at 2pm.

* Auburger requested the purchase of a TV for Union office. Approved up to $250.

* Discussed current IA cases and a situation that occurred to a member while out of state on training (Executive private session).

* PCNY conference in White Plains Saturday September 16, 2017 9am.

* Discussed By-Law changes and committee. The board will be putting a committee together. Anyone who wishes to be on the committee please contact a board member.

* Dyjak discussed the Amerks game for members. More details to follow.

* Discussed Snacks with Santa. Tantalo and Elliotto to follow up.

* Discussed format for Minutes of Board/Membership meetings. All board members will sign the minutes after approved.

* Motion to close

Respectfully Submitted: Jason Elliotto

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