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Monroe County Sheriff’s Police Benevolent Association

Membership Meeting Minutes: October 24th, 2012

Time and location: 11:30am and 6:30 pm, Rick’s Prime Rib 898 Buffalo Rd., Gates, NY

Present: President Steve Michaels, 1st President Pat Rojas, 2nd Vice President Jeff
DelGudico, Secretary Joe Bates, Treasurer Joe Firpo. Also in attendance at both
meetings was MCSPBA Attorney Dan DeBolt.


* Motion to open 11:38 am: 1st Zambuto, 2nd Bolan. 6:46pm: 1st Cerone, 2nd

* After the Pledge of Allegiance, President Michaels discussed several issues of
MCSPBA Member’s families to include recent births and health concerns. He
also discussed accolades for several different members.

* Treasurer Firpo presented the financial report: HSBC Donation Account
approximately $22,000, M&T Savings Account approximately $116,000, M&T
Checking Account approximately $85,000. Our total cash and assets are
approximately $224,000. We recently were involved in two NYS Financial
Audits which went very well.

* Vice President DelGudico was applauded for his involvement in the successful
MCSPBA Golf Tournament in which over $4000 was raised for UNYFEAT.

* President Michaels discussed several recent retirements.

* A representative from “LA Fitness” was allowed to speak to the membership
regarding the opening of several of their fitness centers in the area.

* SOAR representative and former deputy Ed Ramsperger was allowed to address
the membership in regard to the involuntary changes in their retirement benefits.

* Informal ballots were distributed by President Michaels in regard to 1) Continuing
to pay Union Reps 2) Whether members are interested in more information in
regard to working 10 hr work shifts and 3) Whether members are interested in the
Union paying a corporate fee of $500 to LA Fitness.

Current Issues:
1) We are still trying to ensure that members Prokop and Hendel are accepted into
the proper retirement system.

2) It was determined that former Deputy Lou Ferrari was in fact in our Union at
his time of retirement, and is eligible for all retirement benefits under the
MCSPBA CBA at that time.

3) The issue of part-time deputies operating the TEU/DWI van to assist in the
processing arrests was discussed. The original suggestion to do this was brought
to the Chief by Deputy Ange.

4) Contract Negotiations: Although promised, the County has still failed to
provide ANY numbers in regard to percentage of pay raise, or if/how they plan to
change our medical benefits or payments. During negotiations, the MCSPBA has
asked for the following: 3.5% annual pay raise, an increase in Roll Call Pay, a
retirement health insurance rider for members over age 65, an annual clothing
allowance of $500 for all members, and a clear definition of “Special Events”
under the umbrella of Special Ops. The County has asked for a more intrusive
guideline when calling in sick such as notifying the Commander if you have to
leave your residence. They also requested the instatement of Article 75 of Civil
Service Law which basically gives the Sheriff the sole ability to disregard an
arbitrator’s ruling and impose punishment as he feels appropriate. We are strongly

5) In the next few months we will be hiring an Economist to take a forensic look
into the County’s finances.

6) Bates and Rojas provided the explanation given by Chief Scott in regard to
members being allowed to transfer from Specialized Unit to Specialized Unit. In
summary, he is trying to prevent members from being away from a “patrol-
related” assignment for an extended period of time.

7) Andy Valerioti made a motion for the MCSPBA to become affiliated with the
Teamsters. Nick Ange seconded this motion. Since this issue was not on the
Agenda, President Michaels tabled this motion until the next membership

8) The next contract meeting with the county is scheduled for Tuesday October

Motion to close: 1st J. Messura,2nd Carroll, 1st Schutt, 2nd Mori.

* Meeting adjourned at 12:54pm and 7:50pm.

Minutes submitted by Joseph Bates

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