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Monroe County Sheriff’s Police Benevolent Association

Union Representative Meeting Minutes: December 7th, 2011

Time and location: 5:00 pm, Gates Fire Dept. Co.1, Chili Ave., Gates, NY

Present: President Greg Woodworth, 1st Vice President Pat Rojas, 2nd Vice President Jeff DelGudico, and Secretary Joseph Bates. MCSPBA Attorney Dan DeBolt also present.

Meeting called to order at 5:11 pm by President Woodworth.

Issues at hand:

1. Members being disciplined for low productivity: Recent questions about members being removed from Specialized Assignments, transferred from Zones, or losing days. President Woodworth met with the Chief on this issue. The determination is that you CANNOT be disciplined due to low productivity. However, you can be coached and counseled. Please be conscience of the fact that the Administration can begin an Internal Investigation to determine why the member’s productivity may be low. (ex. Pull GPS to see if you are out of assigned district, pulling types of job calls to see how they are coded, etc.). The MCSPBA will file a grievance if a member is transferred from their Zone or removed from a Specialized Assignment based on “low productivity”.

2. Postings will be coming out near the end of the year.

3. The MCSPBA needs a list from the Reps of all members that can retire by the end of 2012.

4. Multiple issues in regard to the new General Order in regard to the use of earned “Sick Leave”. At this time it appears as though the unspoken offer is for members to use 4 days of sick leave for a birth of a child, and 8 days for the birth of a child as a result of a C-section.
Other issues to include: Requiring members to use FMLA, requiring members to contact a “Command Officer” upon the use of Sick Leave, what is the proper definition of a “minor injury” in regard to on-duty injuries, what the policy is for returning to full-duty after an off-duty injury, the definition of “any illness” more than 3 days requiring clearance to return to full-duty (should be “serious illness”), non-gender specific wording. The MCSPBA has several problems with waiving our wives/children’s HIPPA rights, the “Duties” of the Sheriff’s physician, the FMLA language, and the Sheriff ordering someone to light duty if they were hurt off-duty. In addition, if a member is receiving conflicting medical advice from the Sheriff’s physician, they are allowed under Workman’s Comp to see their own physician.

5. Photo Project: We have proposed reimbursing our own members who have lost a substantial amount of money due to the fraud of the project provider. Woodworth has also followed up with the Chief, the District Attorney’s Office, and the Attorney General.

6. Rumors surrounding Dominguez: The MCSPBA had previously offered to represent him during his proceedings. He had refused representation and the MCSPBA does have paperwork documenting his refusal.

7. President Woodworth was cleared in IA in regard to inappropriate use of Union days. The IA investigation was based upon an anonymous complaint of improper use of Union time. The allegations were proven to be false.

8. Langmead lawsuit: We all may benefit if he wins his lawsuit in regard to Langmead being targeted as a result of residency issues being unlawful. We are still awaiting a decision from the court.

9. DelGudico/Woodworth are meeting w/ Onondaga County Union Members to see how they settled their contract with their county so quickly and fairly.

Meeting adjourned at 6:34 pm

Future Business:
Monitoring of “Sick Leave” General Order.
New platoon issues/potential grievances.

Minutes submitted by Secretary Joseph Bates

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