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Monroe County Sheriff’s Police Benevolent Association

Union Rep. Meeting Minutes: September 9th, 2010

Time and location: 5:30 pm, “Lehigh Restaurant”, W. Henrietta Rd., Henrietta, NY

First Vice President, Greg Woodworth, 1st Vice President Pat Rojas, 2nd Vice President Scott Stauber, Secretary, Joseph Bates, Treasurer, David Prull.
Union Representatives: Andy Belmont, CJ Zimmerman, Alex Metildi, Phil Baretela, Ray Wheeler, Vincent Re, Mike Rieger, Mark Wiest, Alan Petrosky, Scott Comfort, Chris Lockwood, Dave Hawe, Greg Wildman.

• Meetings called to order at 05:40 pm by President Woodworth.
• Union Reps. were given MCSPBA Procedure Cards and stickers to distribute to respective platoons/assignments.
• Union Reps. listed phone numbers and are to fill out tax forms at a later date.
• Union Reps. responsibilities were listed as follows: All platoon issues that cannot be handled at the zone level are to be referred to the Union Board, Reps are responsible for polling their respective zones/assignments, Union Committees were established and will be posted on the MCSPBA Website.
• Current Grievances were discussed: K-9 Issue (In-Service Overtime) to be discussed in Mid-October, Campanella (Firearms Position) going into arbitration in November, LaPlant (Lack of payment for required Dr.’s appointment) currently in Step #3.

• Shift Switching: As of now, we will give the issue to the grievance committee to vote on. Issues on both sides were brought up and will be evaluated.
• Time off: Some Sgt’s possibly doing projections more than 30 days in advance. In addition, master projections should be EITHER hard copies OR computerized, not both.
• Only Board Members and Reps with the permission of the President are allowed to accompany a member into I.A.
• Discussion on the new Tier 5 retirement system.
• Record daily activities via the MDT by using the “m,” function and adding patrol notes.
• Proposed Union Member meeting, and Rep. Meetings to be posted on website.
Meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm.
Future Business:
• Tax forms
• New platoon issues/potential grievances

Minutes submitted by Secretary Joseph Bates

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