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Monroe County Sheriff’s Police Benevolent Association

Member Meeting Minutes: October 21st, 2010

Time and location: 12:15 pm and 18:30 pm at the Gates Fire Hall, Chili Ave., Gates, NY.

President Greg Woodworth, 1st Vice President Pat Rojas, 2nd Vice President Scott Stauber, Secretary Joseph Bates, Treasurer David Prull.

Meeting Called to Order at 12:26 pm and 18:37 pm respectively by President Woodworth.
1st Meeting Motion to Open: Wiest and Lockwood.
2nd Meeting Motion to Open: Sutherland and Feehan
Motions to waive the reading of the past minutes: Peglow, Wiest, Edwards, Baretella.
President Woodworth addressed membership @ both meetings to confirm the cohesion of the Union as well as to reinforce the new transparency and availability of the Board.

Issues at hand:
Treasurer Prull revealed Union assets in excess of $163,000 at the end of September 2010. Prull is currently reviewing Group Life Insurance plans for interested members. Prull thanked Chris Harrington for his work on the new MCSPBA website, and for the thousands of dollars saved due to his efforts. Motion to approve financial report 1st Meeting: Okolowicz and Schutt, 2nd Meeting: Sutherland and Wheeler.

Lengthy debate on the IP filed on the Investigator Sgt. Position. Issue is in front of PERB currently. Inv. White and Sgt. D’Aprile spoke on the benefits of keeping the position, Sgt. Schutt and Sgt. Hawe discussed the benefits of abolishing this position. Membership consensus at both meetings was for President Woodworth to discuss the issue with the Undersheriff to determine if Civil Service will allow both Investigators and Sergeants to take the exam for this position.

2nd Vice President Stauber discussed all of the proposed changes in the MCSPBA By-Laws. Members are encouraged to review these changes on the MCSPBA website. Union representative positions, expulsion of members, and committee involvement were among issues under potential changes to these By-Laws. Please refer to the MCSPBA website for listing of Union Representatives and Committee Members.

President Woodworth requested that members contact a Union Board member before contacting the Union Attorneys if possible. This is not necessary under exigent circumstances such as Police involved shootings, serious physical injury incidents, or motor vehicle accidents in which there is serious injury to another party.

The membership discussed the possibility of including retirees under the protection of the MCSPBA on an individual case by case basis.

The new General Order for “Sick Leave” was discussed. The MCSPBA has many issues with the new order, and members with any concerns or problems in regard to this order are encouraged to contact their Union Rep.

Attorneys Daniel DeBolt and Larry Andolina discussed the issue of Residency. At this time, the Administration defines “Residency” as where you reside 51% of your time annually. Members are encouraged to be aware that the administration will follow any leads of Members not living in Monroe County.

Grievances are currently in different stages: a) Court Overtime on Federal case is scheduled for Dec.16th b) In-Sevice pay may result in a mutual agreement. C)An arbitrator is being selected for the Firearms Position issue. c) A grievance was filed for the concerns over the “Suspension Without Pay” policy of the Administration. d) Doctors appt. overtime on 207-c was just reviewed at step 3.

Sgt. Burns recommended that the approval of MCSPBA By-Law changes be approved by the Majority of the Attending Membership as long as it is at least 10%. This recommendation was approved by the Union Board and will be so documented as such in the proposed By-Law changes.

Future Business:
By Law Changes to go into effect.
President Woodworth meeting with the Undersheriff in regard to the Investigator Sergeant Position.
Discussion of pros/cons of including Part-Time Deputies into the MCSPBA.
Motions to Close 1st Meeting: Okolowicz and McGrath, 2nd Meeting: Hawe and Richards

Meeting adjourned at 14:10 pm and 2035 pm respectively.

Minutes submitted by Secretary Joseph Bates

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