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Monroe County Sheriff’s Police Benevolent Association

Member Meeting Minutes: December 13th, 2010

Time and location: 11:30 pm and 06:30 pm at the Wishing Well Party House, Chili Ave., Gates, NY.

First Vice President, Greg Woodworth, 1st Vice President Pat Rojas, 2nd Vice President Scott Stauber, Secretary, Joseph Bates.

Meeting Called to Order at 11:36 pm and 06:37 pm respectively by President Woodworth.
1st Meeting Motion to Open: Wiest and Okolowicz.
2nd Meeting Motion to Open: Edwards and Wheeler.
Motions to waive the reading of the past minutes: Smallwood, Okolowicz, Comfort, and Auberger.

President Woodworth addressed membership and introduced the guest panel affiliated with our MCSPBA:
MCPBA Union President Mike DiGiovanni, PCNY President Ritchie Wells, and Locust Club President Mike Mazzeo. All guest speakers provided in detail the advantages of being affiliated with these groups, the assistance offered in Union issues to include the upcoming contract negotiations, and several current Bills and proposals in Albany that affect police officers in NYS. MCSPBA Union Attorneys Larry Andolina and Daniel DeBolt also addressed the membership and answered several questions in regard to contract negotiations and grievances.

Issues at hand:
1) Investigator Sergeant Position/Contract Language: This issue was voted on by the membership and ballots were secured in a lock box. The final vote count was 72 to 51 to withdraw the lawsuit and Improper Practice charges against the county for implementing the position if Investigator Sergeant and making changes to the CBA without ratification from the members.
2) An envelope was passed by C-Zone Deputies for voluntary contributions for Deputy Sloier who is currently suspended without pay. Tony Messura made a motion to pass a similar type envelope for resigned Deputy Klips. John Messura seconded this motion and another envelope was created and passed.
3) President Woodworth requested that members refrain from using the inotes system to conduct Union business and to discuss Union matters. The inotes system can be accessed by the administration and members do not have the approval of the Sheriff to use this system for Union correspondence.
4) President Woodworth addressed several concerns brought forth in a membership-wide email using the inotes system sent by Deputy Campanella.
5) The MCSPBA has filed a grievance on behalf of Deputy Sloier due to the fact that we believe that he has unreasonably been suspended without pay.
6) Greg Wildman made a motion to investigate who gave MCSPBA email addresses to “Teamster” member Toole. The motion was seconded by CJ Zimmerman. This issue was of concern after it appeared that a Union member had provided all MCSPBA member emails to Toole and allowed him to send an email message to our entire membership.
7) Tony Messura motioned for a vote to pursue the “Teamsters” union to take over the MCSPBA. Jeff Bove seconded this motion. President Woodworth tabled the motion. The board later discussed this motion and determined that there is no merit to have a membership vote. Tony Messura encouraged members to attend an informational meeting with the “Teamsters.”
(8) President Woodworth asked the membership to please provide any negative issues with the current Union Board or concerns with the direction which we are moving. No issues were put forward at this time.

Future Business:
The Secretary Position will be voted on at the annual meeting in February 2011. All interested parties must email President Woodworth.

Preparation for the upcoming contract negotiations is beginning.

Motions to Close 1st Meeting: Wildman and Malsegna, 2nd Meeting: Johantgen and Wheeler. Meeting adjourned at 01:00 pm and 08:08 pm respectively.

Minutes submitted by Secretary Joseph Bates

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