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Monroe County Sheriff’s Police Benevolent Association

Union Representative Meeting Minutes: January 19th, 2011

Time and location: 06:00 pm, “The McGuiness Pub”, 1635 Penfield Rd., Penfield, NY

Present: First Vice President, Greg Woodworth, 1st Vice President Pat Rojas, and Secretary, Joseph Bates.

Union Representatives: Andy Belmont, CJ Zimmerman, Alex Metildi, Phil Baretela, Ray Wheeler, Mike Rieger, Mark Wiest, Scott Comfort, Chris Lockwood, Dave Hawe, Greg Wildman and Michael Favata.

• Meetings called to order at 06:00 pm by President Woodworth.

• Motion to Start: 1st Rieger, 2nd Favata.

• Union Reps. were encouraged to get members to sign up for the MCSPBA Website.

• Current Grievances were discussed: 1) Overtime issue for Doctor’s appointments is currently in Step 3. 2) Deputies being denied Sick Time leave for a birth of a child. Past practice dictates that deputies have taken up to several weeks without issue. No grievance filed as of yet, however, members are requested to maintain meticulous documentation if such an issue arises (medical documentation, Dr’s notes, who is denying you and why). 3) The issue of Overtime for going to Federal Court. We expect a decision to be forthcoming shortly. 4) We have filed an Improper Practice against MCSO allowing members to be interviewed in our Internal Affairs by RPD or any other police agency. Although our members have not been targets, this situation could set a dangerous precedence for our members.

• The issue of the Teamsters appears to have temporarily subsided due to lack of interest by members. They may make an attempt to take over the MCSPBA again in 2012.

• President Woodworth discussed the video that was disseminated in regard to protecting our pension. It is apparent more than ever that legislators, to include the new Governor, will continue to reduce benefits for police, fire, and teachers in NYS. Members are encouraged to forward this video link.

Issue: Contract Negotiations
Mike Favata did an excellent job of informing the MCSPBA of opportunities we have in regard to the political help his friends can provide in the time of future contract negotiations. This help includes financial help, lobbying, advice, and letters. Belmont suggested that Favata accompany the MCSPBA on the next trip to visit lawmakers in Albany.

• President Woodworth encouraged reps to reach out to the membership for similar support and resources.

• A Contract Negotiation Team is currently being assembled. Deputies Ange, Favata, Lane and Tahara have expressed interest at this point. The announcement of the Contract Team will be made at the next membership meeting in February.

• We currently posses copies of most local police agencies’ Union Contracts. Zimmerman, Comfort and Favata have volunteered to assist in acquiring the remaining contracts (Fairport, Greece, E. Rochester).

• Areas of major concern for the upcoming contract: Salary, Healthcare, Retirement Benefits, Longevity Pay, Holiday time, Vacation time, Roll Call pay, Sick Time, clothing allowance, and Flexible Spending. The MCSPBA will be conducting research as to other contracts and comparative studies.

• Deputy Baretela discussed proposing 10 or 12 hr work days, and has compiled statistics in favor of this proposal. This issue was discussed at length, and may be a future consideration for members.

Issue: Deputy Sloier
• Questions were raised as far as why the MCSPBA is not currently filing a grievance on behalf of Deputy Sloier. President Woodworth has been in weekly contact with Sloier who has personally requested that the MCSPBA does not currently take any steps on his behalf. This position may change in the future.

Motion to close: 1st Lockwood, 2nd Metildi
Meeting adjourned at 07:00 pm

MCSPBA Rep Minutes to be posted on MCSPBA website.

Future Business:
• Contract Negotiation Team to be assembled.
• New platoon issues/potential grievances

Minutes submitted by Secretary Joseph Bates

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