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Monroe County Sheriff’s Police Benevolent Association

Member Meeting Minutes: February 24th, 2011

Time and location: 11:30 am and 6:30 pm at Glendoveers, 2328 Old Browncroft Rd, Penfield, NY.
Present: President Greg Woodworth, 1st Vice President Pat Rojas, 2nd Vice President Scott Stauber, Secretary Joseph Bates, Treasurer David Prull.

Meeting Called to Order at 11:49 am and 6:40 pm respectively by President Woodworth.
1st Meeting Motion to Open: Edwards and Cerone.
2nd Meeting Motion to Open: Nevelezer and Spry.
President Woodworth addressed membership to congratulate Jim Sitton on his recent retirement, and also welcomed the new recruits into the MCSPBA.

Issues at hand:
1) Treasurer Prull presented the entire financial review and breakdown of the MCSPBA assets. Handouts were made available to the membership. Prull explained why the attorney fees were up this past year (more grievances, several resignations, and the legal costs for a termination). The hourly rate of attorney billing remains the same. Motion to approve financial report 1st Meeting: Hawe and Bradley, 2nd Meeting: Sutherland and Nevelezer.

2) Current grievances: a) The county tried to deny Jim Sitton his health benefits in regard to his pending retirement. This grievance was quickly resolved (along with the support of Sheriff O’Flynn) and the MCSPBA was successful in getting Sitton his proper benefits. b) Dan Klips was recently hired by Orleans County and will not be pursuing a grievance on his past issues. c) Deputy Sloier has requested that the MCSPBA not continue with a grievance on his behalf at this time. d) Deputies LaPlant and Kreuzer are in Step 4 of their grievance of not having their daytime doctor’s appointments covered by overtime. e) We are expecting a ruling on several members’ behalf for the issue of Federal Court overtime not being paid. f) On the issue of FMLA and the issue of time off in regard to a birth of a child, we are awaiting the outcome of a recently filed Jail grievance. The administration is defining the use of Sick Leave as designated for a “serious illness” only. Members are again encouraged to get proper documentation in cases where extended sick leave is required.

3) The MCSPBA is preparing for the upcoming contract negotiations. Several members expressed interest in assisting with the process to include (in addition to the Board): Lane, Favata, Tahara, Shatzel, Ange, Hawe, Lockwood, and Rieger. We will be conducting contract comparisons from all local outside agencies as well as outside county Sheriff departments.

4) MCSPBA clothing has been ordered, and should be available for purchase by the next membership meeting.

5) The position for Secretary was unopposed. Motions to establish Bates as the Secretary were made as follows: 1st Meeting Malsegna and Lockwood, 2nd Meeting Sutherland and Petrosky.

6) The issue of sending members working overtime home early was discussed. It was determined that at this time it should be allowable as weighed out against members being able to comp out when needed.

7) New Federal healthcare guidelines were discussed. It should be noted that dependants are covered up to the age of 23 if in school, and 19 if not furthering their education. When we reach the age of qualifying for Medicaid, we actually will be covered by Medicaid in addition to coverage which is supposed to equal the coverage that a member retired under.

(8) If there are any issues/problems with the MCSPBA website, please contact Chris Harrington (cell 739-9900, email In addition, if you have a business and would like your business card posted on the website, please contact President Woodworth.

Future Business:
Contract negotiation preparation is underway.
Continue to monitor current grievances.

Motions to Close 1st Meeting: Sitton and Carroll, 2nd Meeting: Re and Wildman. Meeting adjourned at 12:21 pm and 7:26 pm respectively.

Minutes submitted by Secretary Joseph Bates

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