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Monroe County Sheriff’s Police Benevolent Association

Union Representative Meeting Minutes: April 6th, 2011

Time and location: 05:30 pm, Gates Fire Hall, Chili Ave., Gates, NY

Present: President Greg Woodworth, 1st Vice President Pat Rojas, 2nd Vice President Scott Stauber, Treasurer David Prull and Secretary Joseph Bates.

Union Representatives and Attendees: Andy Belmont, Chris Shatzel, Nick Ange, Alex Metildi, Phil Baretela, Ray Wheeler, Mike Rieger, Mark Wiest, Alan Petrosky, Scott Comfort, Chris Lockwood, Dave Hawe, Matt McBride, Greg Wildman, James Coco, Tim Lane, Fred Bancroft and Michael Favata.

Meetings called to order at 05:36 pm by President Woodworth.

Treasurer Prull addressed attendees in regard the pending MCSPBA fundraising letters. Prull requested assistance from the finance committee in processing the paperwork as it is returned. Wiest discussed the success and benefits of conducting this type of fundraiser in the past. Prull plans to solicit the Pittsford and Fairport mailing areas in the near future. The motions to use the donation account to initiate this fundraiser as follows: 1st Wheeler, 2nd Metildi.
Prull also discussed possible replacements for Pat Michael, who has assisted with Union finances for the past several years. A specialist with non-profit financial experience is preferred.

Prull requested funding for a new computer as the old one is antiquated and becoming unusable. The motions to use MCSPBA funds for this purchase as follows: 1st Lockwood, 2nd Petrosky.

President Woodworth discussed current grievances: 1) Deputy Colburn won a grievance for being denied retroactive pay despite having an Associates Degree. 2) Deputies won the grievance in regard to the denial of payment for Federal Court time. 3) The grievance for 2 Deputies in regard to the Full-time Firearms position is currently in proceedings. 4) We are currently awaiting the decision in the grievance due to the denial of Overtime payment for doctor’s visits.

Other potential IP’s/Issues: 1) Deputies can receive a Counseling Memorandum for excessive use of Sick Time without it being considered a disciplinary action. However, a Memorandum of Record is considered a disciplinary action, and is not currently an acceptable practice in regard to the use of Sick Time. 2) MCSPBA believes that members should be allowed to use Sick Time for off-duty injury/illness if proper medical documentation provides that the member is not fit for duty (ex. Cannot drive due to medications, cannot wear issued equipment, etc.). *The administration can order you to work in cases of an On-duty injury. 3) Members need to bring it to the attention of the MCSPBA if overtime distribution is not “fair and equitable”. Reps are asked to assess the current belief among members that overtime distribution should first be based on members being offered overtime for their assigned platoons or units.

* Members are entitled to use “discretion”, but must be able to articulate the reasons for using such in all cases of arrests or lack thereof.

* Reps are asked to provide a list of all members who have still not received their department photos.

* All Board Meeting, Membership Meeting, and Rep Meeting minutes are posted on the MCSPBA website.

* Members discussed the use of patrol vehicle GPS possibly being used by the Administration under the umbrella of “Officer Safety Issues” to include the monitoring of vehicles leaving their designated districts.

* In regard to the recent assistance offered by an off duty Jail Deputy to the Road Patrol, and speaking with the Sheriff’s attorney, Jennifer Sommers, she reports that Road Patrol Deputies are Police Officers as opposed to Peace Officers, and therefore should be fully covered if an off-duty injury/illness occurs while acting in their official capacity.

* We are awaiting the decision of a Jail Union grievance in regard to what is an acceptable policy for an extended period of leave for a birth of a child.

* Members want to ensure that the voluntary contribution to the “United Way” (or the decision not to contribute) has absolutely no bearing on the distribution of Over-time shifts. Contact the MCSPBA if this is believed to be an issue.

* Woodworth distributed contracts of local comparable police agencies and asked reps to complete tracking sheets to ensure that when negotiations begin, we can provide accurate statistics in regard to a fair contract.

* Woodworth and Rojas will be attending a training seminar in Buffalo, NY provided by Cornell University in regard to union contract negotiating issues.

* The MCSPBA picnic is scheduled for June 4th from 11am-5pm at the Greece Canal Park. The MCSPBA Golf Tournament is scheduled for August 1st at Shadow Lake.

* Mike Favata made an excellent suggestion that MCSPBA members should gain more public exposure due to the pending contract negotiations. Members who coach, volunteer, or who are willing to attend fundraisers and community outreach events are requested to advise their currently assigned reps.

Motion to close: 1st Baretela, 2nd Wiest
Meeting adjourned at 06:40 pm
MCSPBA Rep Minutes to be posted on MCSPBA website.

Future Business:
Contract Negotiation Team to conduct assessments of comparable agencies.
New platoon issues/potential grievances

Minutes submitted by Secretary Joseph Bates

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