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Monroe County Sheriff’s Police Benevolent Association

Member Meeting Minutes: July 28th, 2011

Time and location: 11:30 am and 2:30 pm at Glendoveers, 2328 Old Browncroft Rd, Penfield, NY

Present: President Greg Woodworth, 1st Vice President Pat Rojas, 2nd Vice President Jeff Delgudico, Treasurer David Prull and Secretary Joseph Bates.

Meeting Called to Order at 11:49 am and 2:48 pm respectively by President Woodworth.
1st Meeting Motion to Open: Hawe and Richards.
2nd Meeting Motion to Open: Stauber and LeGault.

President Woodworth allowed retired Deputy Ed Ramspuger to address the membership in regard to his organization “SOAR”.

Issues at hand:
1) (2nd meeting only) Treasurer Prull presented the financial report and discussed the topics of the golf tournament and the upcoming fundraising drive. Motion to approve financial report @ the 2nd Meeting: Malsegna and Metildi.

2) Notify President Woodworth if the current Military Bill and the corresponding days off apply to you. We need to ensure that members receive their due time off if they are entitled under this new bill.

3) If you are involved in an on-duty MVA, Commander Radler has been required to check a specific box of the MVA 104L form. Members who have been involved in an on-duty MVA need to ensure that this box has been checked so the accident does not appear on their personal DMV abstract. In addition, it is up to the Sergeant to properly articulate that the MVA occurred “During an Emergency Operation” as defined by DMV if this applies.

4) Grievances/Potential Grievances: a) The administration has taken the stance that Counseling Memorandums are NOT disciplinary actions. However, the MCSPBA believes that there is a strong potential for them to actually be used in cases of assignments and/or postings. b) We currently are disputing the language used in recent postings in regard to the posted time limits. Chief Scott has stated that these time limits will not be used to unduly remove a member from an assignment, but rather a member will only be removed in cases of misconduct and/or a failure to fulfill the duties of an assignment. c) We are considering an MOU in regard to how much a member can “flex” the hours of his shift. “Flexing” is a benefit to some members, but we do not want to create a trend of losing overtime shifts due to excessive shift flexing. d) The “Special Ops” title is growing as far as the number of members working under this title. We are beginning to monitor the use of “Special Ops” members to fill the need of overtime shift which are not necessarily “Special Ops” details. Ex: Someone assigned to Pistol Permits working a burglary detail. e) TEU shifts are being switched from a 5/2 wheel to a 4/2 wheel. At this time it appears that we may not have cause to grieve based on the fact that the 4/2 wheel is the standard shift for road patrol deputies. f) Personnel files must be purged after one year. It was brought to our attention that electronic files are being maintained for much longer. This issue will be discussed with the administration in protection of our members. g) There is an issue of TEU hours being switched in order to make radar runs to Albany. h) Members on light duty had been told in the past that they cannot work outside employment. This is incorrect as long as the outside employment has the same physical restrictions as those keeping them from working full duty.

5) Contract Negotiations: We have compiled all other local police agency contracts, but cannot FOIL the County records until April 2012.

6) The MCSPBA Golf Tournament is Monday, August 1st. Sponsorship has increased this year, thanks to the hard work and dedication of members of the Golf Committee.

7) Jeff Delgudico was introduced as the new 2nd Vice President after Scott Stauber had announced his resignation from the MCSPBA Board in June.

(8) There has been concern expressed over the distribution of the Chief’s Minutes. These minutes are not binding in regard to content, and are not necessarily approved by the MCSPBA. The Chief did recently request that Supervisors and Sergeants document more positive feedback in incident files of Deputies to give proper credit for excellent work. Unfortunately, negative feedback is what is mainly documented in these files.

9) President Woodworth is carefully monitoring the County’s consideration of becoming self insured in the future. We are still reviewing options as to how to proceed against the county in regard to the releasing of personal medical information to GRIPPA without our consent. Please go to the Rochester GRIPPA website to find the phone number to request removal from their systems if so desired.

10) The administration is considering the notification of members in regard to why they did NOT get a posted assignment. This would be a courtesy to members, but is not required.

11) Larry Andolina recommended the hiring of a Health Care Consultant in order to help protect our long term health benefits and to ensure that we maintain a comparable health plan if the County becomes self insured. Larry also recommended that members increase their personal auto insurance to include the Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Clause. The low cost of this supplemental insurance may pay dividends to a member who is involved in an off-duty MVA by someone with no or little coverage.

Future Business:
Contract negotiation preparation is underway.
Continue to monitor current grievances.

Motions to Close 1st Meeting: Johantgen and Peglow, 2nd Meeting: Malsegna and Nevelezer. Meeting adjourned at 12:30 pm and 3:17 pm respectively.

Minutes submitted by Secretary Joseph Bates

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